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Amulette Jewellery inspirations

The design process of each of my pieces is a complex yet immensely rewarding journey. Everything begins with a sketch. I take inspiration from absolutely everything around me - my passion for the beauty of nature and the world around me influences me enormously.  I take long walks with family and my dog whenever I can and am constantly sketching and taking notes. When I am travelling, I always try to visit museums and art galleries and take the time to appreciate other cultures and eras. In particular, the opulence and glitz ofthe glamorous 20’s never fails to inspire me.


Once I have some rough sketches (and pages of notes!) I try to refine my ideas to give them some clarity and it is here that I can begin to visualise the final pieces. I ultimately strive to create beautiful unique pieces that will be loved, worn and become timeless.I see them as modern, lucky charms that reflect people’s lives and their stories.

The design process continues with my final sketches being sculpted into wax and this process allows me to check that they are, and will be, exactly how I imagined them to be. Then I choose the precious metals and the gemstones that I feel best reflect the piece.

Then the magic happens and the pieces finally come to life. I get to hold them, check them and wear them. The ideas that were endless sketches and ideas, finally become a reality. It is a long but enormously satisfying creative journey and as I am self-taught, it is always a learning process too.

I have been very lucky to meet so many people from many different parts of the world, especially those who have pieces from Amulette. I love hearing their stories and seeing how they choose to wear their pieces. I am passionate about my designs, knowing that others feel the same way, which makes my job the best job in the world.

I love what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I hope that my passion is reflected in everything I create. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone wearing one of my pieces. It is such a thrill and makes everything worthwhile.