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An elegant and contemporary gold vermeil feather ear cuff perfect for both everyday and evening wear. The feather gently wraps around the ear in varying positions, add to helix or cartilage for an floating ear effect.The ear cuffs are super comfortable, to fit simply gently open the ear cuff up and place into position you require ensuring it wraps around your ear. Squeeze gently until the ear cuff sits comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing one! These ear cuffs can be used on helix and cartilage ear piercing as well as lobe.Feathers& have been seen as good luck charms for years and are also seen to suggest the presence of angels. Also see our silver feather ear cuff

• Sterling silver
• Made from 925 Sterling silver
• Adjustable one size fits most
• No piercing required 
• Comes in a luxury grey box with our unique Amulette logo