small rose gold ivy slider charm

Amulette charm rings UK

Our original cult Amulette charm ring concept is ever evolving unique and personal and ever-changing

Our charm rings are something that can change with time with our clients develop an emotional attachment to the pieces they own.”. Taking part in the storytelling process and creating something that’s a reflection of who you are. Our charms rings with removable ring charms allow you to change and rearrange charms to suit your outfit or occasion, match charms to suit your personality, hobby or personalise by adding charms to represent beloved members of your family, the choice is endless. This ivy charm ring is a great example, a tiny ivy charm, medium and large charms are added, to represent, Mummy, Daddy and baby.

Lightning bolt charm rings

Yeah! Our new dangle ring charms have arrived in ready for our AW17 collections. For all of you awaiting this new addition, we are so excited to share the new design. As with all our ring charm designs, you can add or wear on it own for contemporary chic or layer with our ring gorgeous ring charm collections.

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