Diamond Star Charm Rings

Our customers adore our diamond stars and with so many ways to wear them on our charm rings its no surprise. Wear the charms on their own or layer with varying size stars either or they look fabulous! Our charm rings come in various sizes including 3 coil, 5 coil and 7 coil charm rings, with options of diamond settings. Add one diamond star ring charm or layer a star to represent each member of your family. 


Siouxie Sioux and Star Gazers Charm Rings

The charm ring is the perfect way to experiment and express your individuality. Whilst the versatility of the ring charm trend can be overwhelming, once it’s complete the outcome is always undeniably stunning. Charm rings are totally dependent on your style and so the only formula for the perfect ring stack is to let your personal style guide you. 


Our Star charm rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From The Siouxie Sioux edgy charm ring to the Star gazer charm ring shown above. Easy to change rearrange and adapt to suit your mood, outfit or occassion.


For a more contemporary effect our diamond star and moon ring charms give the impression of a stacking ring. The beauty of the charm ring, being you can add and takeaway ring charms to achieve a new look. 


Diamond Star Ring Charms

Our Diamond stars come in varying sizes  and colours. Most popular are our Large and Small diamond stars ring charms