Hoop Earrings with earring charms 

Our North star hoops and ear charms are perfect for changing up your everyday look by simply adding a earring charm. Made from 925 sterling silver and finished with a hard 22ct gold plate, we quite simply recommend leaving them on forever! 

First choose your hoop earring finish, be classical the same gemstones or mix and match the varying gemstone hoops and ear charms to create a contrasting look and feels.


Mix and matching your earrings  is the new, big trend this season. Choose one statement earring and one more subtle to create a unique, contrasting style. The best thing about this trend is it is never ending – you can constantly combine your favourite earrings to create something new!

If you’re looking for some new earrings to mix match, keep an eye out for interesting colours and shapes. One big, drop earring in one ear combined with a coloured or pearl stud is perfect for a quirky yet stylish look.


So over to you... See our hoop earrings with earring charms here  choose from diamond, sapphire and ruby, we love mixing and matching our earrings with other ear charms, add an ear cuff and et voila!