Every charm ring shares a story

Often a stacking ring can be made into a design that works with random stone shapes. Equally, stacking rings work with stones of the same shape, they can fit together in a pattern that could potentially be alternated by changing the order of the rings. Our charm offer a double benefit, they can be collected over a period of time and added to your ring to make occasion and milestones. The possibilities are endless simply by adding or removing a ring charm. Wear the ring base on its own, or stack up, it’s down to you. 


Stacking charm rings are all about personalisation. By combining different metals, textures and stones, you can create a unique look that expresses who you are. Don't be afraid to experiment, build up your charm ring collection slowly and consider each purchase carefully. Get input from friends whose style you admire and take pride in your assortment of beauties.


Charm stacking rings are appealing because you can adjust your stack styles, both personal and unique shift and change.  It can also be an incredibly sentimental expression—a stunning and sparkling representation of your personal story and its many moments, big and small.  


Our Wanderlust stacking ring is layered with diamond set ring charms in various stone shapes. Like a jigsaw puzzel this ring just longs for the diamond ring charms to be changed and rearrange and let be honest, who doesnt like playing with sparkle. 

So how does it work...

The ring charms simply slide onto the ring and turn to the position you want. Take away, re-arrange or simple wear the ring on its own, it seriously coul'nt be simpler.  Position your ring charm so that the stones aren’t in a vertical line for some wow factor. As well as looking great, it will make your charm ring more comfortable to wear and reduce potential damage from rubbing and bumping together.


The charm ring stack trend is the latest and the most inspirational  fashion trend. The familiar way is to combine and wear the various kinds of ring bands together, the new revolution for stacking charm rings has arrived. The beauty of being not being stuck with rings is a thing of the past, now you can just change up a ring charm ring or two!


So first you need to choose your charm ring base. Available in silver gold and rose gold, our ring bases come in silver, gold, rose gold, oxidised silver and Antique silver (best for if your layering with platinum and white gold). We also have a gemstone ring base with settings of diamond, ruby, sapphire and green tsavorites.


Now comes the exciting bit.. time to choose your ring charms. See our ring charm collections and styles and find charms unique to you or quite simply just because you love them.