Summer is on its way and we cant wait to start to start layering up with sparkle and make a subtle statement with a delicate layered necklace or stack of long necklaces. By layering several of your favourite necklace's together you can achieve a cool, elegant look with very little effort. Experiment with a variety of chains of different link styles and lengths. You can opt to stay within the same colour palette, like a rose gold or silver, or go for a combo of the two finishes.


The most important thing when wearing multiple necklaces is to vary the lengths. Try mixing shorter, finer chains with longer, thicker ones. You might find that doubling longer strands gives you just the effect you're looking for.

Layering necklaces is your chance  to create a look that's distinctly yours; no one else owns the same exact collection of jewellery as you, right? So play around with what you've got and when you're out shopping, think about how necklaces might work with your existing pieces. You'll never settle for just one again.


Multi layered bee necklaces have to be our favourite summer chic style. In this image is a selection of our queen, baby and tiny bee gold necklaces layered with "save the bee" disc. We love adding a silver chain to our bee pendant to add contrast to the designs. 


Forget alternating between your favourite necklaces. Ignore your fear of fuss and tangled chains. Pile on all those sentimental, symbolic, and borderline basic pieces with brazen nonchalance, because suddenly it seems that not one, or two, or three strands will suffice. This moment belongs to the eclectic and intricately adorned decked-out neck line.