All About the Charm Rings and Charms

Amulette is a highly collectable designer jewellery band that taps into the unique trends for interchangeable jewellery. Amulette combines design with a desire for the unique, in our interchangeable charm ring collections, these can be personalised to create brilliant, bespoke designs to suit, mood or wardrobe, unique to their wearer. The addictive element is the easy interchanging of the ring charms, personalising by changing metal finishes, gemstones and combining colours and designs. Simply twist into place to transform or update a look.coil-silver-rings

Your first decision is choosing your charm ring base, available in 3 coil, 5 coil & 7 coil with an option of Silver, Gold vermeil, Rose gold vermeil, Antique silver (looks best if you wear platiinum or white gold rings) or Oxidised silver finishes. All of our coil rings are hallmarked at the London Assay office with out unique markers mark. 


Now comes the fun bit! Just like a key ring simply slide you ring charms onto the charm ring base. Charms can be fed from both sides of the ring base. Go crazy or let the rings look develope over time. 

These little charms come in various ring designs including, nature, stars, gemstone, birthstone and diamond to name a few. They fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle and unlike the traditional stacking ring your can change your rings look by simply adding or removing charms!


Whatever your style, a charm ring unlike the traditional stacking ring gives you the same desirable effect, but you can change up. Imagine having a ring you can change to suit, that special night out or simply 9 to 5 at the office. With the endless possibilities of our unique charm you get two in one, a personalised stacked ring with that simple added benefit of changing whenever you like. 

Don't be afraid to experiment, build up your charm ring collection slowly and consider each purchase carefully. Get input from friends whose style you admire and take pride in your assortment of beauties.