Classical and forever popular are pearl rings. Simlpy and effortlessly chic pearl rings have always been adorned for their natural beauty, providing a feminine and elegant touch in jewellery. The classic white pearl ontinues to take centre stage with feminine designs becoming increasingly popular - if you're more of a minimalist, don't worry as the traditional pearl look isn't going out of style, a single pearl can be used to create a simple, feminine yet statement design.

Pearls are the June Birthstone, and for anyone with loved ones or friends with a birthday in June we’ve some great gift ideas.


We have three colour pearls to choose from, classic ivory, grey and blush pink. The removable sliding pearl charms can be added to compliement other charms or simply worn alone. The beauty of the charms rings being you can change the charm to update your rings look. 


Made from sterling silver  with additional finishes of gold, rose gold or silver finishes these timeless classic rings are very popular wth our customers. 


This statement gold charm ring has three removable ring charms including an ivory fresh water pearl ring, gold leaf and english rose ring charms.