moon earrings

Here at Amulette we are endlessly fascinated with the symbolism of not only our precious gemstones but the charms themselves. Especially our stars and moons. Set with glittering pave diamonds our little moons are one of our special favourites. The moon is a feminine symbol representing the rhythm of time.  Immortality, eternity and enlightenment what is not to love about the moon?  

The moon controls the rains, the falling and rising of the tides and the seasons themselves.  It is said the moon is a symbol of the soul and determines an individual’s ability for reflection and adaptation. Basically, all the wonderful things a woman is throughout her life - we feel the moon is our talisman and we wear our charms whenever we can.


Such is our love of the moon that we have created not only charms for our fabulous charm coil rings, but other pieces too. Currently our ears, fingers, necks and wrists are adorned with our moon charms.  


Worn on a charm ring and mixed with other precious charms from the Amulette collection the moon looks incredible. I am wearing mine with stars and a new North Star in sapphires at the moment and I have to say I am loving it! The moon charms lend themselves to be mixed with any of our precious gemstone charms.  Perhaps with an aquamarine or diamond solitaire the moon is endlessly versatile - just like us.


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