Spirals of magic. In precious metals. Interspersed with fabulous, precious charms, each one as unique as its wearer. Using diamonds, precious gems and metals the charm ring gives you the opportunity to create your own stories, to change and alter the ring as you desire. Redesign your ring using our changeable charms from stars, to insects, bees to flowers there is something for everyone.  Mark a special occasion with a new charm, or simply rearrange your ring to reflect your mood - the beauty of the charm is it will always be an adventure, always diverse and always special.


Each piece is loving created by the immensely talented Lisa.  From conception to creation she overseas every minute detail.   The rings are beautifully made, easy to wear, and will become a classic in your jewellery collection, Evolving with you over the years, and telling your own story.


We have been wearing ours stacked up, one or two at a time, they are certainly a talking point and when the light catches the twinkling stones are almost hypnotic. No one wants to get lost in the labyrinth, but we could easily spend hours with ours endlessly arranging and rearranging the charms.