Forget Me Not jewellery 

Inspired by the dainty little flowers that appear in spring, this collection is delicate and detailed, timeless pieces can easily be worn as daywear through to evening. Our forget me not jewellery is perfect for brides and bridesmaids styling their special day. The forget me not, flower is a popular gift for friend and family member as a way of sharing the bond which ties us.


Their flower meaning is “true love.” The name came from a story about Germany knight and his girlfriend. While they were taking a walk by the Danube River, she wanted a beautiful flower on the river, so he jumped into the river to get it. However, he was drowned because of his armor.

When he was dead, he said “Don’t forget me” giving her the flower and she kept holding his last gift on her head for whole her life. Therefore, forget-me-nots are perfect flowers to tell love.


This pretty delicate gold vermeil forget me not pendant necklace, is perfect for sunny days. Perfect for sharing with someone special they are not forgetten.


Tiny forget me not stud earrings. These earrings can can be worn in any piercing or layered with our vine and bee earrings for the ultimate ear chic. An Amulette favourite, these little earrings looks wonderful layered with other studs and you can even add an ear cuff to complete your look! We love the simplicity of this design.


Our forget me not jewellery has a delicate contemporary feel. The design quite simply makes us smile and with the special sentiment makes it a little bit special.