Your ears were made for stacking and Amulette Jewellery has the perfect designs for a statement ear. Our ear cuffs and crawlers can be stacked up high or worn individually for a singular and beautiful statement.

Each of our ear cuffs have been designed in our London studios and aim to give you a completely unique look, combining our minimal yet edgy aesthetic. With no piercing’s needed, our easy to wear ear cuffs sit neatly and comfortably on your ear. 


Unlike earrings, ear cuffs and wraps do not require any piercings. Instead, they stay put by attaching on the outer edge of the ear's cartilage that wraps behind the ear.


Even though ears vary in shape and size between customers, most have the same general structure. The ear cuffs are designed based on this structure, A very minute adjustment will make a big difference in accommodating the width of the ear's cartilage. Depending on the width and girth of a wearer's ear, certain ear cuff designs may fit more comfortably than others. The ear wrap wire can be gently contoured with finger pressure to fit the behind the ear  curvature.