Diamond Slice Earrings

The newest additon to our jewellery collection, these diamond slice stud earrings are simply and minamal and perfect for layering with your favourite earrings. 


These organic and natural diamond earrings are not perfectly round, there may be some variation is shape due to each pair being unique. Please note that these earrings will come with internal imperfections which add to the uniqueness of the product and enhance its organic design.


These sparkling grey natural diamond slice  stud earrings are set with 0.60ct diamonds studs are set into 22ct gold vermeil posts. Delicate and minimal, these earrings are perfect for a touch of sparkle and can easily be worn every day. These chic little stud earrings are perfect for layering with multiply piercings or simply on their own. The Diamond is the birthstone for April. 


Diamond slices come from larger highly included diamond rough. The cutter uses a laser to slice the rough into irregular slabs usually 2 or 3 mm thick, ranging from 5 to 20 mm depending on the shape of the original rough. Diamond slices have been around a long time but over the past five years have really caught on with jewellery designers. Their various shapes, sizes, and colours are a jewellery designer’s dream.


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