If your the lover of sparkly bugs look no further, our bug ring charms range from bee, butterflies, Dragonflies and sparkling sapphire, ruby and emerald bugs. There is nothing creepy or crawly about our fabulous sparkly insect and bug charms.  We have everything from bees, butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs in a variety of gorgeous chosen gemstones.  Sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds amongst others make our little insect charms quite the business, and they don’t bite

diamond-dragonfly-ring-charmsOur dragonfly ring charms look fabulous together about to take off in flight,  or layered with our other interchangeable ring charms.  The unique ability to change and rearrange your removable charms on your coil ring allow you to make your own story.  Some might say an ugly bug ball - we say a radiant Butterfly Ball with all the insects in attendance.  One of our favourite poems when we were children was The Butterfly Ball and The Grasshoppers Feast and we like to think our little insects, bees and bugs would have fitted right in!


This customer picture shares the dragonflies ring charms perfectly in flight, 


Our diamond little diamond bee charm looks amazing  mixed with other ring charms from the Amulette charm collection.  All our insects look at home on our silver, gold or rose gold charm rings


And as you can see from our customer image here he is on a 7 coil diamond charm ring with a diamond ruby star and Amulette signature ring charms


Our butterfly ring charms are set with pave diamonds.

Layered together for a butterfly ball,  all our precious insects are gorgeously dressed. in their colourful finery with pave diamond embellishments, catching the light.   Layered together or worn with other of our ring charms, the attention to detail in our bugs is second to none and they are enormously popular with our Amulette devotees.    Our butterflies set with pave diamonds represent courage, strength and happiness; bees wisdom and good luck and we know they all bring our customers happiness and joy.