These days, barely anyone has a single ear piercing anymore. We've moved on from lobes to forward helixes, conches, rooks, tragus’s. So, what is the curated ear...

The curated ear is a term famed jewellery designer Maria Tash multiple ear piercings planned to work together. The curated ear is a celebration of piercing as an art form. Feminine piercings with carefully selected ear decorations.

The intention is for each of the piercings in the ear to be beautiful, you can spread out the piercings over weeks, months, or even years without hindering your personal style.


Being one of the converted (at the age of 49) I have become addicted to "the beautiful ear". Reminiscent of my youth, punk and  the 80's, earrings are the new cool with a decadence unlike the previous era. Its all about the ears, styles and finishes mixed with huggie hoops, tiny studs and earring chains the more ear candy the better.


The curated ear is something of a fashion movement, with multiple delicate piercings peeping out from behind the hair. But you can still keep in simple, a gorgeous diamond huggie hoop with a contrasting earring charm is still rather gorgeous!


Earring chains are perfect for dressing up stud from day to night. As seen in the images you can swag from helix to lobe in a clean swoop or keep it simple and add varying sized ear chains. 


Regardless of their size, shininess or appearance you can still rock your ear cuff earrings with casual looks transform your ear by adding a basic ear cuff