People often ask Lisa where her inspiration comes from and how she selects the stones for the charms that she designs.  One of Lisa’s loves is the symbolism of the stones and their stories.

 Many of our customers love the fact that they can have their own birthstone on their charm ring,  a personal touch and unique to them.  Mixed with other charms it lends their ring a special touch.  The birthstone ring charms make fabulous gifts from loved ones, or to loved ones.  Often the birthstone ring charms are a good place to start your Labyrinth charm ring charm collection as you often find your story starts with that charm.  




The next step might be selecting a charm or two that have a special meaning to you.  Many of the charms Lisa creates are symbolic and have a message like the stars as a symbol for hope or the moon for female power and intuition.  Often we make rings up from a mixture of our charms for friends based on their qualities and traits.  You would be surprised how incredible some of these rings become as the story unfolds. Of course you don’t have to have your birthstone in its simplest form - Lisa has also designed fabulous charms incorporating birthstones like the gorgeous ruby and emerald ladybugs or the diamond slice.    Perhaps bees are your passion (they are Lisa’s) and a few gorgeous bee charms on one ring can look fabulous as can one alone.







All the charms that Lisa designs can be worn in whatever way you want to wear them, the beauty of them all being that at any time you can change and rearrange them to your heart’s content, adding new ones as your mood takes you.  Create a new look completely or simply rearrange them to suit your mood, personality or even outfit! All the charms and the rings make amazing presents and come presented in a gorgeous, hand stamped box tied with a ribbon. The perfect gift.