Our coolest ever cat necklaces have arrived and we are purring!  Our little cats are adorned with a diamond studded collar, a little fresh water pearl bell and twinkling ruby eyes.




The above Cat necklace is made from sterling silver with a 22ct gold vermiel finish, we love this pose!






This Silver cat necklace has a contasting 22ct gold vermeil collar, Lisa’s love for cats is perfectly showcased in these gorgeous little pendants.  If you are a cat lover then these will become your perfect companion piece of jewellery. Legend has it that when Noah was worried about all the rats eating the food supplies on the ark, God made the lion sneeze and out came a cat!  Fancy that!


cat-necklace-with diamonds



Our little cats with their diamond collars and pearl bells are a fabulous way to show your devoted to your pet they need good homes and loving owners.We swear we can hear them purring or singing Squeeze greatest hits depending on the weather.