Bridesmaid Jewellery Inspirations

Finding that piece of jewellery to complement you on the big day but it’s now common for each bridesmaid to show their own personality and style too. This can be achieved through the jewellery they wear and the dresses you’ve chosen together, adding sparkle to their individual look.Choosing the perfect colour way to suit dresses and complimenting the bride has never been easier, our customers love mixing metals, a simple silver chain with a contrasting pendant is the perfect way to bring in a hint of the unique.  See Our Bridemaid jewellery collections here 


Stars are a popular themed, silver sparking stars have sence of positivity add a sparking diamond and it becomes something a little special 


Keeping with a tradtional theme a simply cross it the perfect choice, once again adding a rose gold or gold cross with a hint of sparkle adds that little extra something.

Buying Jewellery gifts for your nearest and dearest can sometimes get stressful (and pricey). We have the perfect bridesmaid jewellery to gift your 'maids - and the best news, it won't break the bank. Our jewellery is made from sterling silver, with most styles available in yellow and rose gold plated and are priced at £25-£89. So have a scroll through the stunning collections and find your favourites…


Forget me nots are a popular theme with weddings, these gorgeous little forget me not earrings come in sterling silver, rose gold and gold vermeil. Also see our matching forget me not necklaces. 

Our beauiful bridesmaids jewellery, 


An individual way, why not choose an necklace to suit each girls personality, no doubt all of your choosen bridemaids add something differant to your specail day. Choose the same necklace colour way with a differant style to refect the uniqiness of your special girls.