Finding the perfect bridesmaid gifts can be a challenge, wanting to give something really personal, touching and lovely and then also not wanting to spend a small fortune. Often, by the time you come to buying gifts, you've already spent most of your budget on your wedding. But, naturally, you also want to give your bridesmaid a token of thanks. What you buy very much depends on your own relationship with the individual. Don't feel like you must get everyone the same gift.


Having a bee themed wedding? Our hive of bee earrings come in every shape and size. From the teeny tiny to the cuddly bumblebee. Made from sterling silver with optional choices of earring finish, these stud earring wont break the bank, Starting at £30 to £80.00. 


If its a message of love for your special girls, our open heart silver necklaces is the perfect choice. This branch open heart necklace is hand carved, sits asymmetrically on the necklace and suits a nature inspired wedding theme. 


So, get ahead with these chic and easy bridesmaid gift ideas, that all of your best girls will love. From personalised pieces, to failsafe presents to suit everyone.


Our beaded hoop earrings look wonderful with a lace dress, these small 12mm hoops come in gold and sterling silver. 

Once the day is over each bridesmaid will have a piece they can cherish from your special day, a symbol of your friendships that will last forever and a continued reminder of the big day! Just like with bridal accessories, we are more than happy to help find the perfect pieces for you and your maids. Why not come to our store together?


Last but not least our forget me not jewellery collections, subtle necklaces and stud earrings which we think make the perfect gift for any bridesmaid to treasure. A thoughtful memory of your specail wedding day, in the the form of a beautiful flower. Also see our coordinating forget me not earrings.