Our Bee necklace collections is a representation of our deep respect and love of bees.  Their ability to adapt to their surroundings, their loyalty to their hive and strong survival instinct make them a unique insect and a symbol of friendship, love and strength. Nothing can be more beautiful on a warm day than the resonating hum of the bees in the flowers. 


The Bee necklace is made from sterling silver with a 22ct gold vermeil finish. Our sterling silver chains come in Gold vermeil or silver giving you the option to have a mixed metal bee necklace. 


In our images you will see come creative ways to wear your bee necklaces. Stacking them up to create unique combinations is so much fun and looks pretty on every outfit.  We love adding mixed finishes to our layered necklaces, gold bees with silver chains and visa versa. 



Baby bee necklaces some in silver gold and rose gold vermeil finishes. Add a chain of your choice available in long and short lengths. 


These fabulous bee silver pendants, made with such attention to detail, are a joy to wear and a reminder of how much we owe to the bees.  Our save the bees necklace is a favourite with bee keeper and bee enthusiasts. team any of oiur bee necklaces with our diamond set bee 'save the bee" disc  for the ultimate in Bee love!  And finally we hand over to our tiniest bee necklaces.



Without bees in the world, there would be no life and Lisa strongly believes in doing everything possible to keep as many of them alive as possible especially in our ever-growing society where our green spaces are shrinking.  Did you know that if you see a drowsy bee, unable to move, a drop of honey or sugary water placed in front of them can help them revive and fly away? 


Our Bee earrings are the perfect partner for our baby bee gold necklace. Addin a little bumblebee chic these sterling silver bee earrings come in rose gold, gold and silver finishes. As seen in the images, they quite simply brighten up a sunny daybumble-bee-silver-necklace