silver bee brooch


Sterling Silver Bee Brooches

Summer is finally here, bees are buzzing and the sound of summer is around the corner. Our sterling silver bee brooches are the perfect way to "summer up" your jacket, scalf, dress or shirt. The bee brooches come in silver, gold and rose gold vermeil finishes. Perfect for all ages, ladies and gentleman, these little brooches make the perfect gift for bee admirers and those who, like me are a fan of the bee. 


Fastened with a tie tac fastening, simply pop onto your item of clothing with the butterfly fastener. I love wearing them on my brogue laces and never leave the house without one on my jacket. 


Baby bumblebee pin/brooch. This gorgeous bumblebee  is the perfect addition for nature lovers. Wear on your scalf, jacket or blouse, this little bee is sure to make you smile. The pin is fasened by a tie tac pin, making it secure and safe. This Bee pin makes a perfect gift for all. Perfect for men and women this pin simply works for anyone who has an affection for the bees.