gold coil rings

Our gold coil charm rings come in differant sizes. Starting with the largest in the family is the 7 coil charm ring, this fits up to 8 ring charms. The ring base is made from sterling silver with a 22ct gold plated finish.


Next is the turn of the middle sister our 5 coil charm ring. This charm ring looks wonderful simply worn on its own or layered with ring charms Our ring charms simply slide onto the charm ring, like a keyring and slot into place. Even better you can change the look of your charm ring by simply adding and removing ring charms. 

gold-coil-charm-ringOur new in 3 coil charm rings offer a completely new look. Our customers have converting their favourite ring charms into engagement and comitment rings which we love. The above charm rings feature birthstone ring charms and are complimented with our tiny forget me not ring charms. 


This 5 coil diamond charm ring has one coil row set with diamonds.  Layered with dragonfly diamond set ring charms As seen in the picture the charm ring looks fabulous layered with your own rings. 


So if the midas touch is the one for your our gold charm rings, look wonderful layered with ixed metal ring charms and gemstones. Even better your can change the look every day!