t’s party time.  We are bringing back the 90’s and there is no stopping us!  There are many things about the 90’s which we didn’t love - incinerating our hair until the ends snapped off for one - but ear cuffs we loved!


So - having hunted high and low for the perfect sparkly ear cuff and really not coming up with the goods anywhere - we decided to make our own


We love them - they come in three finishes silver, gold and rose gold and are set with sparkling cubic zirconia stones that catch the light ‘just so’. There are two designs, firstly our simple, but very effective cuffs which look absolutely fabulous layered up with some of the other designs.



Secondly, the vine ear cuffs which are also set with sparkling cubic zirconia stones  with a leaf and twig detail .  These come in large and small versions. These ear cuffs require no piercing,  you simply slip the ear cuff from the narrowest part of your ear and slide into place, et voila!  We wear ours all the time, they are that easy and comfortable to wear.. As they require no piercing they really are super easy to wear and all of our ear cuffs look amazing stacked together for that urban, cool look.





Frankly, we are in love and it would appear, so are you!  These simple, but effective little beauties have been flying out.  With the fashion for multiple piercings and mis-matched earrings, these cuffs tick all the boxes!

vine ear cuff available in Gold, Rose and silver finishes 

ear-cuff-jewellery-amuletteWe love this customers ear party style. 

We would love to see your photographs wearing our ear cuffs - please do send them in