Silver Bee Earrings

Bee Jewellery Collections

Over the years our bee jewellery collections has increased with popularity and trend, however beyond this there is an ethical obligation to support these wonderful furry creatures. It is know If current trends continue, some species will be lost from Britain altogether, the scientists say. The study found "winners" and "losers" among hundreds of wild bees and hoverflies, which pollinate food crops and other plants. Common species are winning out at the expense of rarer ones, with an overall picture of biodiversity being lost. Scientists warn that the loss of nature could create problems in years to come, including the ability to grow food crops.

Gold Insect Earrings

Are Save the Bee jewellery celebrates the life of the bees in all forms from the honey bee to the queen bee. From bee earrings to flying bee necklace and brooches. Our customers share their love of the bees who like me can think of nothing better than gentle buzz of on a summers day in the garden. 

Bumble Bee Necklace

This queen bee necklace is a unique one off, complemented with a forget me no and leaf charm with central queen bee the necklace is attached to a T bar. Made from sterling silver with gold plate detail this necklace packs no bunch on sharing you simply love the bumblebee

Insect Brooch

Our insect brooches give you the ability to wear a bee or butterfly brooch on your shirt, jacket or scalf ( I wear them on my shoe laces to and handbag) the easiest form of bee chic, these versitile insect brooches come in silver and gold finishes 

Bee Necklace For Women

This honey bee necklace is one of my personal favourites. Our bee jewellery is hand carved making each bee design exclusive, available in gold, silver and rose gold finishes this bee necklace also has co ordinating stud earrings 

Coin Bee Drop Earrings

A new addition to the save the bee jewellery collections are the engraved coin necklace and earrings. These hand engraved drop earrings pack a punch when teamed with the matching necklace.

Engraved Bumble Bee necklace

There are a few examples of our bee jewellery collections to view more see our Save the bee Jewellery