Every Amulette charm ring tells a story. For many, each charm represents a special memory

Charms and stacking rings are ideal for personalising, adding a charm to make your ring to make it your own. The traditional ring stack runs up the hand, broaden your horizons and stack rings across your hands. The sideways stack is perfect for putting together mismatched metals and gemstones. 


An easy way to achieve a well-curated hand is to stick to one metal but put together different shapes and textures to create a cohesive, yet unique, ring stack. Take a look at our geometric selection of rings and discover. Our charm rings can be easily  intersperced with your own rings, as seen in this picture. So be bold and build them up. 


For the gemstone fans our Prism ring charms are perfect for creating a hint of sparkle. This little charms come in various ring cuts and fit together, like a jigsaw puzzel. Best of all unlike the traditonal stacking ring your can change your rings look by simply adding or removing charms. We love stacking up for the night and often wear the ring bands on their on, which offers a contemporary ring look and feel. 


For those who like a little less inpact our gemstone ring charm bases look super cool with a simply gemstone, Complement the ring band (available in Diamond, sapphire, ruby or tsavorites) or mix it up with a contrasting gemstone ring charms. And even better, you can change up, when your ready! 


Our dangle ring charms give a differant charm ring look and feel, as seen in the above picture they look great layered on their own or added to a themed charm ring. A personal favourite of mine  is the north star ring charm layered with our star gazer rings. 

Whatever your style, a charm ring unlike the tradtional stacking ring gives you the same desirable effect, but you can change up. Imagine having a ring your can change to suit, that special night out or simply 9 to 5 at the office. With the endless possibilities of our unique charm rings you get two in one, a personalised stacked ring with that simple added benefit of changing whenever you like. 


So there you have it, if you looking stacking ring thats a little special, look no further. See our instagram feed for our customers pictures for charm ring inspirations.