The Anatomy of the charm ring

Our iconic charm rings have a life of their own, each charm ring is completley interchangeble and with so many options, we thought a guide was required! The base charm rings come in 3 differant sizes, 3 coil, 5 coil and 7 coil, these look great worn alone for casual chic, or loaded with ring charms.... 


So we begin with the 3 coil charm ring, available in silver, gold and rose gold, black rhodium plate and antique silver finishes. The 3 coil charm ring can fit a maximum of 4 ring charms (dependant on size of charm). With the ring charms being completely removable you can add, takeaway and change your charms rings look by adding and removing ring charms.


Our other size option charm rings are the 5 coil and 7 coil charm rings, these can fit between 6 to 8 charms once again depending on ring charm size.  


Our diamond charm rings have a coil filled with sparkling diamonds. Once again these have options of silver, gold, rose gold, black rhodium plate and antique silver. These look wonderful alone or layered with ring charms. 


Our ring charms work perfectly with our charm rings, the hardest decision is which ones to choose. Our dangle ring charms can be fitted between ring charms or on their own.